I have been practicing art since childhood…progressing from making silhouette construction paper cutouts of monsters to pursuing seven years of art school.  I received a BFA from Tufts University in conjunction with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and spent two semesters of undergraduate study at Studio Art Centers International, Florence.  I then went on to Radford University to obtain a Master’s degree with a concentration in Drawing.

Drawing is at the heart of everything, a quick doodle to capture a fleeting idea, a careful study as a precursor to a painting or its own developed piece.

An artist’s eye evolves. Our perspective alters with experience. The work of ten years ago is often like that of another, and looking through that work is like meeting an alternate version of the self.

My current work focuses on the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it, largely focusing on the animals depended upon by human beings. Milk, eggs, clothing, meats. In a corporate world of neatly packaged products, the sources of these goods are obscured and largely taken for granted. The beauty of a cow’s gaze, the strangeness of a turkey’s waddle and the dinosaur-like feet of a chicken are all forgotten under cardboard, cellophane and stickers. Using recycled kitchen cabinets as a painting surface, my current subjects are farm animals rendered in oils.

I work with a variety of media such as graphite, gouache, acrylics, watercolors and clay. The subject dictates the media.

Liz at the peak of Monte Barro at sunset
Liz at the peak of Monte Barro in Pescate, Italy at sunset