Chicken Cabinet

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Chicken CabinetI have the reputation of being of thrift store shopper, salvage yard fan…and back in college for sure, dumpster diver. The rumors are true and do I usually find a treasure or two to repurpose, restore or reinvent with every visit.

One of my favorite types of sites to visit are architectural salvage shops…I peruse for odds and ends and end up buying things that may be wooden parts for staircases or moldings or who knows what. I see it and am struck by possibilities. Sometimes those objects might sit for months or a year before they begin to take shape. Other times, inspiration is instant, as it was with this latest piece.

I have gathered a collection of kitchen cabinets. I was struck by the beauty of the frame…as if every cabinet is a blank picture frame, waiting for an image to occupy the inset. Pair that with my love for animals, and my thoughts on how they are so often taken for granted and the idea was perfectly logical. Eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, infinite baked goods and food additives and many of us are consuming large quantities of animal products each day. I am a free range, organic sort of person and would prefer to care for and befriend my own chickens and cows or at least live next door to such a farm. Most of us are too far removed from the sources of these foods and take take the animals, each with their own personality and unique attributes, for granted.

I wanted to marry the common cabinet with images of the animals so largely depended on and so distastefully called “livestock.”