Folder of tidbits and what to do??

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Rifling around in my closet today I found a folder I had put aside with little sketches…assorted faces and creatures, doodles, half finished portraits, and the seeds of ideas to come.  We artists are always lugging around extra papers, tools, props, old sketchbooks and half formed creations.  DSC_8080

People are often surprised at how much stuff I have.  This is our plight.  Pencils, pens, paints, glue, assorted papers, canvases, found objects from dumpster diving, stencils, cardboard, moundboard, gesso, texture mediums, brushes, palettes, sponges, ink, bits of wood, natural objects found on walks, little bits of wood cutouts, thrift store finDSC_8081dings to be re-invented, and oh so many books.  These are just some of the things artists may have around.  The list of materials is nearly as vast as tDSC_8083he imagination.

The thing is, we continue to evolve.  What engaged our minds and busy fingers a year ago is unlikely to still be fodder for new work.  The compulsion to create is ever present, even when we are sick or relaxing or exploring somewhere new.

DSC_8085These are a few of the sketches that I will one day, perhaps, revisit.DSC_8084 DSC_8086