For the love of paper

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Flower 1Our world is not as tactile as it used to be. Digital is the way we communicate with friends, advertise our goods and services, seek answers to our problems, both physical and spiritual. Devices are our primary connections to the world. When is the last time you got a hand written letter, or wrote down your ideas instead of typing them? One of my favorite things to do in an art supply store is rifle through the paper section, feeling the surfaces gritty or smooth, the thickness of the stock…imagining how my pencil marks might sit on the surface or how my watercolors might pool into the grooves on that rough grain.

These florals are the beginnings of a new endeavor that will evolve into a line of stationary. Wandering outdoors and collecting specimens that find their way onto my desk, I observe the wrinkles and folds of the petals in quick time, before the wilting begins.

I am using micron pens and gouache in these initial renderings. The line of images will focus on capturing the fleeting nature of natural beauty. We rush and hustle and are as preoccupied as ever. We fail to notice the beauty around us more often than not. Reconnecting with paper and the possibilities of our own hands is more important than ever in this age.

Flower 2

There are moments in life that I mark, intentionally carving a groove into my memory. I recall being 13 on a bus about to leave a nature camp, looking out the window with an air of sadness at its end. An errant leaf detached itself in the spirit of the coming fall and slowly rocked its way through the air, coming to a gentle rest on the ground. I thought to myself how time passes and leaves us with ghosts. It is important to preserve our moments with something we can touch. A love email is not a love letter. Photos of our near and dear ones don’t exist if they stay trapped in the digital world of SIM cards and computers…