Muddy Hands

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A few months ago I joined a local ceramics studio. I feel very lucky to have one available again…My love of ceramics began in graduate school. ¬†While focusing on drawing and painting, I took an elective in beginning ceramics and wheel throwing. After a month or so of practice and some pretty ugly pots, I got the hang of it. Balance, equal pressure, wheel speed, posture, just the right amount of wedging and added water and the clay will move at the slightest touch. It has a memory, just like us and will record any trauma in its shape. If it is banged, pushed or distorted, it may very well recall its injury in the kiln and warp to reflect¬†it. Distortion can, of course, be an intentional feature after throwing a perfectly shaped form.

I am working on a new series of covered vessels with textured patterns and surface decoration and contemplating the idea of the vessel in general. We can keep things hidden, inside, covered, veiled, protected, safe, left to ferment (for better or for worse). Sometimes things are forgotten in the box, or cherished. The box itself can be a reminder of its contents, taking on the life of what exists inside.


Ceramic Boxes Pom_front Raisedbamboo_front